Why you need an #insurancepartnership

Who are we? Your New Fav Insurance Agency

We’re Insurely, an online digital insurance broker and we make buying online insurance fast, simple and convenient. We know that customers want to be in control of their insurance coverage, so Insurely was created because we understand that buying insurance is painful, confusing and a hassle. Our system helps customers seamlessly choose just the right coverage, within minutes. We have a first-class technology platform where customers can purchase and bind a policy without even speaking to someone. Did we mention that we’ve implemented an amazing team culture?

We’re the Disneyland of Insurance.

Are you a Mortgage Broker, Lawyer, Realtor, Conveyancer, Property Manager or Financial Adviser? You need this.

  1. Instant Policies = your clients getting their keys when they want them
  2. 100% amazing customer service for you AND your clients
  3. Custom Insurance Codes so we can reward you for referrals (and we love sending personalized gift baskets)
  4. We highlight you and your company on our Social Platforms – we want to talk about you and your biz with your own custom Partnership Social Bundle.
  5. Constant Support from our Partnership Team – srsly we are here for YOU!
  6. Are you ready for a better process? Click here

Our entire philosophy is to create a company that is entirely about the Customer Experience. We are passionate about taking Insurance and making it enjoyable, easy and hassle free – so that your process is smoother and more enjoyable too!

We like to think that working with our team is like that day 3 feeling on Vacation. You’re officially relaxed, maybe dreaming about Pina Coladas and definitely not worrying about a d*mn thing.

Our online Platform is available 24/7 and couldn’t be easier to use. Check out what it would look like with your Custom Partner Code:

We’re ready, are you?

Book in for a quick Demo with our Partnership Team today and get your #Free customized package instantly.

Check out our #freeinsurancepartnership page here for more information and our downloadable Partner Program PDF

*FIST BUMP* – From your Insurely Team


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