Insurance Super Villain Series #4: Stuck in the 80’s Man

Your insurance broker, Kevin is calling. He has a mullet and rocks a neon tracksuit. You don’t hold it against him. The ’80s were a wonderful, yet confusing decade and it shouldn’t affect your business, right? Oh no. Kevin asked you to drive 45 minutes just to sign a paper (*ugh*). Meanwhile, you have two […]

Insurance Super Villain Series #3: Complicated Jargon Person

Have you ever felt like you’re sometimes talking to someone who understands another language? We’re not idiots and we realize that insurance can feel that way. It can feel even more complex when you encounter a Complicated Jargon Person. I know what you’re thinking, how do I spot one? Well, here are 3 helpful tips […]

Insurance Super Villain Series #2: Stranger Danger

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a tiny office, with Mr. I’m-unaware-of any-personal-boundaries, who’s breathing down your neck. He coughs without covering his mouth (*cringe*) while handing you a pen out of his suit pocket. It feels wet. Did he chew on this? You start to sweat. Should you leave? Oh, why didn’t I just wear […]

Insurance Super Villain Series #1: Office Karen

Welcome to blog #1 of 6 in a series we like to call “Super Villains”. You know those people. The ones on the other end of the line when you call customer service and all you get is the run around from long stories about their husband’s bad hip to how bad of a day […]