SIX ways to spread holiday cheer – for free!

6 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer – For Free!

The holidays can be hard at the best of times…not to mention during a pandemic. This year, some of us have had financial struggle, worry, and even been isolated from loved ones. We know there can be an added pressure to spend money during the holidays. You do not need to dig into your pockets to feel “ the holiday spirit,” there are plenty of heart-warming options available at low or no cost. Here is a list of ways to spread Holiday Cheer for the whole family!  

1.       Donate
Be it your time or personal items, it can feel good to help when you can. Go through your closet for items you no longer wear, winter boots etc. and consider donating them to families that need them. Check out your local volunteer groups to see if there are ways to donate your time this holiday. There are plenty of old folks’ homes that would love you to sing a Christmas carol or shelters that need cooks/servers for meals. It is giving the gift of your time.

2.       Random Acts of Kindness
Shovel your neighbours’ walk or driveway. Build a snowman outside of someone’s window. Stop and help boost a car. There are plenty of opportunities to step outside of your “bubble” and help those around us. Spreading joy feels good. 

3.       Connection
Lonely/isolated people dread the holidays – watching everyone around them connect to those they love makes their own feelings of emotional isolation even more profound. Instead of waiting for your loved ones to reach out, call or video call someone you know might be feeling lonely or in isolation. It might take only 5 minutes, but the effect will last much longer.

4.       Get crafty
Use materials you can find around the house to make homemade Christmas cards/decorations. Kids absolutely love this and it is also fun for adults to come up with witty cards. Watch out hallmark! You and your family will feel more creative, connected and thrifty! 

5.       Bake
No need to go out and buy expensive ingredients. Using ingredients you already own, make holiday treats. It can be something as simple as having tree-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Use your imagination and get the whole family involved!

6.       Smile
A big smile or a thoughtful comment can brighten anyone’s day. 

We hope you are feeling all warm & tingly inside. Us too.

November 30, 2020