Rooting for Better Work Culture

Now, every person and every company is going to be different. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to workplace satisfaction, meaningfulness and productivity.

This is a BIG topic and one that we will sprinkle in lots as we strive to create the unicorn of work environments here at Insurely. We want to make a case for the caring work place. A case for leaders that really care about their employees, professionally & personally. Employees caring about each other and everyone in the company caring about the company’s purpose.

Sounds pretty wonderful, hey? The foundation of a successful workplace is pretty simple, just like our Insurance, it’s about people feeling appreciated and seen. Creating a positive, caring workforce makes for more engaged team members, meaningful workplace relationships, and higher profits for organizations.

Here are a few ways that companies can promote a kick-a** workculture that you’ll want to be a part of. (And if you’re interested in being a part of ours, go here!)

Caring/Tone Starts at the Top
Leaders who really care about the people around them – and make it noticeable – play a key role in creating a positive work culture. Leaders that are focused on genuinely supporting their team with no strings attached, encourages others to do the same. Again, think back to your work experience and notice where you took the most pride in your work. When you wanted to give the best version of yourself and what motivated you to do that. Now flip it! Where have you dropped motivation or felt under-appreciated which brought your sparkle and delivery down?

Here are few effective ways leaders can give to their team members, without taking too much of their time:

Do other people small favours that take no more than five minutes – like asking how their day is going, giving feedback, taking interest in their personal & professional development, acknowledging hard work, and offering advice.

Pick one or two ways of helping that you enjoy and excel at

Personal & Professional Growth
We are all multi-faceted people that have many different hats. Our work and home life generally intertwine and we spend much of our life with the people we work with. How much we invest in personal development is truly reflective on our work attitude and productivity. Leaders that acknowledge this and understand that the entirety of who we are is important to nurture, creates happy and goal-oriented teams. Encourage team bonding, personal development, flexibility and support. Likewise for Professional development – we are HUGE believers in hiring off of personality and character versus titles, the right people can be trained and investing in their professional development enhances their abilities and ultimately your company.

Be open where you can
Trust is the backbone of meaningful, dependable relationships, which fuel a great work culture. How can companies foster trust amongst employees? By exhibiting radical transparency.

When leaders share behind-the-scenes company updates and plans with their team, it gives employees a greater stake in the company, and makes them feel valued. Including them in generating ideas, sharing visions and making them a true part of company growth leaves employees with the feeling of truly being a part of something. Create your #dreamteam with openness and trust.

The Bottom Line

Care about your people and they will care right back. Create a culture based off of pride, encouragement and trust. Interested in learning more about our workplace? Check out our Careers page here and see more of what we do to create a beyond amazing environment.


November 17, 2022