Our Products

We are revolutionizing the way people buy insurance. Offering a simple, convenient and fast way to purchase everything from home insurance to condo, rental and landlord insurance, we want this to be the best online experience you’ve ever had.

Below are just some of the perks we offer just because you shopped with Insurely. How could you not love that?!

Want to know more? Take a look at what we offer and you may just fall in love with us . Won’t that just be the cats pajamas.

30-day scheduling

Yes, even if you're current policy has not expired, we can pre-schedule.

Edit your insurance policy

Nothing is truly set in stone. We designed it that way. Flexible for your needs.

Insurance policy add-ons

From boats to bikes to rings, add on your most expensive assets. Quickly.

Save your Quote

Not ready to commit? No problem, you can save your quote so when you're ready to buy, you know the cost.

Pay with credit or debit card

Because it's 2020 and technology is everywhere.