Prep Your House for the Holidays

1. Declutter! Doing this now will save you lots of time later on when you’re cleaning everything up after the New Year. Plus, this is a free way to gain mental clarity.

2. Decorate your Main Spaces. Focus on decorating a few main spaces with pieces that you’ve collected over time. This could be a small strip of garland on the window, maybe a Holiday candle on the table or a themed throw pillow!

3. Stock the pantry! Grab the goods you know you’ll need lots of this month so you aren’t running to the grocery store all of the time. Check out when your local grocery store has discounts or bulk items on sale to ease up the spending budget and add them to your recently decluttered pantry 😉

4. Bulk Cook & Make Yummy Freezer Meals! Tis the season for the crock pot to be the supper MVP. Make cozy meals in bulk and throw the extra’s in the freezer as a time saver.

5. Prepare for Guests! There’s no need to break the bank for expected company, but you can still provide a comfy and cozy space to make it inviting. Grab some neutral sheets and add a throw blanket on top. 🟠

6. Do you have the right coverage for any winter mishaps? Ensure your home policy is up to snuff on the proper coverage if anything was to go wrong in your home this holiday season. Call us today or hop online for a quote in under 5 minutes!

Okay we know there are LOTS of tips and we could go on and on, but here are a few to get you started and rolling into the Holiday season with ease.

Love, your Insurely Team

November 18, 2022