Our Secret Sauce

We are getting saucy in this post! Think of this like the best Italian spaghetti sauce you’ve ever tasted. We aren’t just dishing why we’re amazingly different from an Insurance stand-point, but for business in general. Our secret sauce to amazing Customer Service, amazing Employees and Radical Growth. Get your thanksgiving pants on, we’re diving in.

We’re rebellious spirits and know that even established industries need a little shaking up every so often, so that’s what we did. We took matters into our own hands and made #insurance better.

Insurely caters to anyone, anytime making the insurance buying experience online fast, convenient and most of all, simple. The first dash of seasoning to our secret sauce, is the people. We simply could not do what we do with average team members. Our people are the main ingredient to our sauce, they go above and beyond in each call they take – and they take care of each other. This is an environment of being uplifted, encouraged, confident and building genuine friendships. If you ever scrolled through our TEAMS chat you would find many GIFS & hearted comments.

  • WE HUDDLE! Thursdays are our huddle days. This is where we take an hour at Insurely Headquarters, roll out our yoga mats or take off our shoes for a dance party. We have 5 minutes collectively to dance, stretch or do whatever we need to shake things up. Then our entire team gathers around (virtual peeps join us on the big screen) and we talk about each departments wins and constructive feedback. This is where great ideas are born and any challenges are explored and worked through.
  • CUSTOMER CHAIRS! Within our huddle we bring up a few great examples to cheer each other on of our most recent google reviews, or an amazing policy sale experience. We also take the opportunity to have a chair for anyone who had a customer challenge or hit a roadblock in a process, we ALWAYS find a solution and a way to leave our customers and our sales team feeling their best.

Now that you know the base of the sauce – what gives us that special flavour – we move into the product. Our Insurance. Now, Insurance is something you don’t really think about until you need it. You’re buying your first home, or moving into another, maybe you’re renting or you’re purchasing a condo – there’s a big life choice happening that leads you to needing Insurance. Generally when you’re looking for an Insurance company, you’re simply checking off the box on your list to get the keys to your new place. You don’t know until you’ve had a poor experience, what to look for.

Well let us tell you right now, GREAT Customer Service is not the norm within our industry. That’s why Insurely was created, because the secret sauce really isn’t all that hard to make, all it takes is CARING about your clients and doing everything in your business on purpose. Sprinkling the garlic salt of kindness into everything that you do. This goes with any industry, you take care of your people and your people in return take care of your clients, your clients have a great experience and this full circle moment happens where everyone realizes how simple it is to do things in a better way.

Here are a few key factors into that secret sauce:

  • You get a call back within minutes/hours of doing a quote on our insanely simple online platform
  • You talk to real people, who Google will back up, go ABOVE & BEYOND to make your day better
  • Need to file a claim? You will immediately talk to our claims team and we will always empathize that you are going through something that is stressful and never make you the villian of that story. We are here to listen and make sure your adjusters are doing everything they need to be doing.
  • You can get insurance from your couch, while watching Netflix in your jammies – getting to do things on your own time, knowing that your policy will be in your inbox as soon as your policy is purchased.

Our service is such a priority at Insurely that we are currently working on implementing a new customer service deliverable:  
A guaranteed positive experience each and every. single. time! We want to push the limits of what’s possible in the insurance industry

– Pierce Krol, Chief Growth Officer + Founder

Our main goal – make the client experience better. Simple & Sweet. Just like our Insurance.

So, to bring it all together for that smooth, savoury taste, The secret sauce IS amazing-out-of-this-world Customer Service from only-the-best-and-inspired-unicorn Employees that LEADS to Radical Company Growth. *insert virtual high five here*

You can take these pointers into any workplace and keep them tucked away for the next time you or a friend needs Insurance. We offer #homeinsurance #rentersinsurance #tenantsinsurance #condoinsurance and #freeinsurancepartnerships for companies like you that want to make the customer experience better too. (Hey all you realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers and law firms!)

Did this post inspire you to be a part of something amazing? Check out our career opportunities here and be a part of the secret sauce.


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