Insurely Q&A

Don’t worry, we really aren’t bothered when you call us with questions. Customer or not yet a customer, we’re here to serve you because it’s just what we do and we think we do it well.

In the spirit of questions and answers, we talked with Lisa, Insurely’s Team Operations Lead, to find out what kinds of questions her team has to answer. The two topics below are frequently asked and we have the answers!

  1. ALL ABOUT CLAIMS: It’s not uncommon for people to have questions about the claims process.  We all know that a claim can be a stressful time, so we want to ensure our clients are well taken care of and supported when their world is turned upside down.  At Insurely, claims management is one of our top priorities and our simple and easy to use platform helps speed up the process to ensure a great claims experience.  Since we are an online company, the clients have a number of ways to submit their claim to speed up the process.  You can contact one of our licensed Insurely Guides to assist you through the process, or you can submit your claim online through your pocket profile anytime of day. We’ve also heard from some customers who either try to renew or get a quote and the broker will either not get back to them or will want them to wait for several days. We answer your questions promptly and comprehensively.
  2. WHAT WE COVER: We also get a lot of questions about what’s actually covered on our policies.   At Insurely, we want to provide quality products and cover what is most important to you so all of our policies have comprehensive coverage.  There are three different types of policies.  First, there is a Named Perils Policy, which is the most basic type of policy.  For example hail, fire, smoke peril coverage. Then there is a Broad Form Policy, which is a mid-range policy in terms of coverage offered.  This one is a combination of a Named Perils Policy and a Comprehensive Policy. Your property is covered against all risks, except those specifically excluded and named perils on your contents. Lastly, there is a Comprehensive Policy, which is the top-of-the-line, type of policy.  Kind of like the Mercedes of insurance policies.  This type of policy provides the most comprehensive coverage (hence the name), however, they can be fairly complex.  Instead of naming all the perils, a comprehensive policy is said to be defined by the exclusions.  In other words, everything is covered unless otherwise excluded. Various “perils,” as they’re known – floods, fires, hail storms—all of the policies we sell are comprehensive, and that sets people’s minds at ease. A lot of times, people won’t even know that their property is in a flood zone, for instance.

If you have insurance questions, we likely have the answers for you. It’s just one of the things we do really well at Insurely and our 5-star Insurely Guides are here to do just that. It’s no wonder they call us the Disneyland of Insurance. Call us today to set up an appointment.

September 14, 2021