Insurance Super Villain Series #6: The Over-Sharing Chatty Kathy

It’s a cold and miserable Monday morning. You stop at your insurance broker, Kathy’s office for a “quick” meeting. You have exactly 23 minutes and 52 seconds before your next appointment. Kathy starts telling you about her husband Greg’s horrendous sciatica, but you painstakingly keep her on track. One minute to go and it looks like the meeting might end on schedule. You (like a fool) comment that you need a vacation. Well, you feel the walls close in as Kathy pulls out an album from the shelf labelled “Hawaii Vacation 1999.” I hate to be rude you think as you shift in your chair uncomfortably and glance at your watch. Kathy does not pick up on your vibe and continues to show you another picture of Greg in full speedo, holding his daiquiri with the little umbrella. TMI, Kathy.

Insurely knows that your time is precious, and we won’t bore you with mundane emails you with our baby and dog photos (unless you specifically ask for them). It’s not that we don’t love a good conversation, we do! It’s just that we know there is a fine line between a pleasant conversation and group therapy. We try not to mix the two. No forced conversations. No long drawn out meetings. Just friendly fast & professional service. Introverts rejoice! (at home all alone).


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