Insurance Super Villain Series #5: Mr. Unavailable

Don’t you just love being on hold for a relaxing 45 minutes listening to the calming sounds of Kenny G. and his alto saxophone?  Neither do we.

Mr. Unavailable is famous for screening calls, sleeping with one eye open and leaving work 15 minutes early Every. Single. Day. When you show up at his office, it’s like he’s a magician with super disappearing powers, while you’re constantly chasing him down.

Insurely knows that your time is precious, and we don’t want to play phone tag. You phone, we answer. It’s that simple. The phone isn’t your thing? Insurely has so many ways to communicate with an Insurely guide in seconds: email, Facebook chat, website chat. Heck, we’ll send a stork with a message if that’s your thing! (for the record, we do not recommend that last idea).

If you have questions, we have answers. Stop waiting for Mr. Unavailable to finally realize your worth! We will treat you right, girl. Or boy. Or girl/boy. He/him, Her/she. Whatever your thing, we will be there.

You know what they say, if you don’t love someone, let them go, then go to Insurely.

September 28, 2020