Insurance Super Villain Series #4: Stuck in the 80’s Man

Your insurance broker, Kevin is calling. He has a mullet and rocks a neon tracksuit. You don’t hold it against him. The ’80s were a wonderful, yet confusing decade and it shouldn’t affect your business, right? Oh no. Kevin asked you to drive 45 minutes just to sign a paper (*ugh*). Meanwhile, you have two screaming kids at home and a new puppy currently getting house trained. Someone needs to tell the 1980’s Kevin that the In-ter-net is here and it’s a beautiful, fast, convenient thing.

At Insurely, you DO NOT have to come into any office. I repeat, you will NEVER have to step foot in our office. EVER. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to put a face to your name, but we don’t feel it’s necessary to complete the simple task of buying insurance. Gone are the days of sitting in a stuffy office or waiting 5-7 business days for a simple task. We love to keep Insurely current and modern and we do so by updating  our customers on the latest trends and how we make Insurance simple, fast, and convenient. You can stay home, and deal with your sh*t, literally.

You know what they say, home is where you can wear your stretchy pants without judgement!

Call Insurely today and we promise to give you the 2020 customer service you deserve.

September 21, 2020