Insurance Super Villain Series #2: Stranger Danger

Imagine this: You’re sitting in a tiny office, with Mr. I’m-unaware-of any-personal-boundaries, who’s breathing down your neck. He coughs without covering his mouth (*cringe*) while handing you a pen out of his suit pocket. It feels wet. Did he chew on this? You start to sweat. Should you leave? Oh, why didn’t I just wear that face mask?

Don’t get caught in an uncomfortable situation. At Insurely, we know that sometimes…you just need space. No pushy salesperson. No congested spaces. No germs. Just insurance when you want it and from the comfort of your own home. Now doesn’t that feel just as good as that first sip of morning coffee?!

When it comes to germs, we don’t want to spread any of them around because we’re the happy, friendly and incredibly germ-free type of insurance folks.

So speak to our no-pushy-policy, maybe you’d like to book a time to chat with our Customer Service team on your schedule! Yes, your schedule.

Click here to schedule a call and we will delight you with personality and all the information you need to know about Insurely and our insurance products.

September 7, 2020