Insurance Super Villain Series #1: Office Karen

Welcome to blog #1 of 6 in a series we like to call “Super Villains”.

You know those people. The ones on the other end of the line when you call customer service and all you get is the run around from long stories about their husband’s bad hip to how bad of a day they’re having. They give you everything but the answer to your question. And they often don’t care if you’re crunched for time.

Without further ado, we introduce Super Villain #1: “Office Karen”.


Yes, we all know a Karen, but let me introduce you to Office Karen. She doesn’t want to talk to a manager, she is a manager. Every task takes 5-7 business days and she’s grouchy & unpleasant to deal with. We know she’s just having a bad day… for the last 30 years. Let’s face it, you’d rather avoid dealing with Karen.

At Insurely, we don’t have any office Karen’s. Heck, we won’t even hire anyone with the name Karen (this isn’t true, please don’t sue us!), but you get the point. We’re all about personality here and our culture speaks to that personality, because if you know anything about Insurely, it’s that customer service and fun are two of our core values. We’ve created a team so amazingly wonderful, you will want to just call us to hear our voice.

You know what they say, the happy bird gets the worm. Or something like that, but you get the point.


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