We are a marketing company that sells insurance

You’ve landed on this page because you know that  marketing is a critical component of any successful business.  It’s exactly how you’ve created the communities and businesses you run as well – you’ve inspired your followers, or your clients with your authenticity and evoked a feeling within everyone of them that they can somehow feel a little piece of themselves within the content that you share. Sparking emotion and creating a feeling is the heart of marketing, and that’s where the Insurely Influencer dream was built.

We have a heavily backed budget for paid advertising, a creative content strategy that leverages all social platforms – and we pride ourselves in being bold & fun (think ryan reynolds), PR opportunities country-wide, and an SEO strategy that is backed by data to guarantee continuous exposure and growth. I could talk about this all day.
You’re like – that’s amazing but how does that help me?
We got over 94,000 thousand views last year on our website alone and we project to double that number this year. That’s over 94,000 thousand opportunities for your account to be seen and shared. 

we are a zero commitment, no contract and no expectations kind of partnership. The more you market it, the more money you make. Simple, just like our insurance.

By doing what you’re already doing and showcasing the things that light you up within your home and your life – you can advertise bits and pieces of a company that you can feel good about and make as much as you want to advertise it.
When we say there’s no cap – there’s no cap.
We are all here to create lives that we absolutely love.  
That includes financial freedom, being connected to people that encourage us, support us, push us and uplift us. 
Being an Insurely Influencer means all of those things to us.

highlighted insurely influencers

We’re thrilled to feature two of our  amazing influencers who are bringing some serious pizzazz to Insurely! 
Little Rock Builders and Brianna Mutz bring such a unique perspective to the Insurance Experience – little rock builds incredibly beautiful custom homes in the heart of the Albertan Peace Region and Brianna is one of the go-to realtors for Calgary, Alberta! We love partnerting with people that share our same values of service and relationships. Go show them some love!

how we do the work for you

meet your team


Chief Marketing Officer



Director Of Operations


Meet Kate! Insurely’s head of all things Marketing. When you partner with us you’ll have Kate at your fingertips for custom landing pages, content creation, any & all digital or stationary templates you may need.  She’s a swiss army knife of creation and your first point of contact.  If you’re ever at a roadblock wondering where to go next – her & Leanne will help you move forward and have a blast doing it!
Meet Leanne! Insurely’s head of all things Operations. She’s responsible for the incredible culture we have within the company.  She spends her days implementing wellness, support and inspiration to each and every single staff we have.  She brings her expertise into the brainstorming sesh’s for our new partners by creating your custom codes & tag-teaming content ideas!

Do you want to get paid extremely well to advertise with us?

any and every industry can be a fit for this partnership. If you’ve heard of insurance, it’s for you. No idea where to start with advertising it on your platform? We really do all the work for you, reach out and let’s make some money – oops we mean magic – and money 😉

influencer event Sponsors

We are so grateful to have such amazing sponsors for our #insurelyinfluencer events! Relationships and connection are the heart of everything and we love how much our community comes together to support each other.

Here are a few Northern Alberta Boutiques that spoiled our latest event.