I love this house but…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever went house shopping and said “oh boy I love this house BUT it would be perfect if it had (insert amazing thing here). And then it continues where you find houses you really like but you don’t love. This is the beauty of custom building. Pick from an existing floor plan and tweak it to make it yours or building right from scratch with every nook and cranny customized to your vision.

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something amazing about picking out all of the things that make you happy. Your home is your safe space. It should be filled with things that make you feel cozy, comfortable and inspired. It’s the place that catches the aftermaths of each day, each chapter in your life – the cozy nights in with a home cooked meal, the laughter of your family, it holds the hard times within its foundation and it watches as you grow. Investing in the space that builds so many of our memories and having the ability to create exactly what that looks like is such a special thing.

So if you’re in the market for a new #homebuilder, you’re in luck! We’ve recently partnered with a family owned & operated company called Luxuria Group. They currently build homes in Calgary, Chestermere, Strathmore, Vancouver and Okotoks. Luxuria’s multi-family homes are built with one thing in mind, you! With various sizes and layouts with optional fully developed basements (yes please!), they are perfect for anyone looking for beautiful value. For the past 20 years Luxuria has been building homes with people just like you in mind, providing exceptional construction, lasting customer service relationships and unparalleled design. We are so excited about this partnership!

Create your custom home today and get great Insurance along the way with special member benefits using their custom link – LUXURIAGROUP.

Happy house building, friends!

PS. If you think our Free Partnership program would be a good fit for you and your clients, check us out here!

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November 6, 2022