How To Avoid Holiday Burnout

The holidays are always packed with SO much. Parties, friends, family, winter activities, kids sports still ongoing, errands, shopping and then trying to squeeze an inch of time in for yourself. When your calendar is filled to the brim, #selfcare often isn’t top of mind.

If we’re not careful, we burn ourselves right out by the end of the season because we haven’t taken any time to focus on our own needs and re-filling our own cup. We don’t want to start the new year off feeling emotionally (and probably physically) drained, so here are a few tips you can integrate into your season this year to enjoy the holidays while not taking on the pressure cooker of expectation.

  1. Create your own little rituals. No matter how crazy the day is, in the midst of your hustle and bustle have a ritual that you know is consistent. This is especially for you if you thrive on routine, and the 17 gatherings you have to go to within December throw off your regular groove. Sometimes the key to keeping a routine (AKA your sanity) during the holidays is building in smaller blocks of rituals that allow you to better handle an unpredictable schedule. You can do this by having an awesome morning or bedtime routine that is just for you. Set yourself and your mental state up for success!
  2. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t try to do everything on your own if you don’t have to. Delegate responsibilities within your household or call a friend / family member if you are needing extra support. Don’t leave it up to your people to read your mind, set them up for success by really vocalizing what you need! This goes for all year round really, but if you need a babysitter one night so you can finish the Christmas shopping, get one. Let’s get empowered to tackle this season collaboratively and constructively – #ittakesavillage somedays.
  3. Put yourself on the schedule. If there’s an empty spot on the calendar, take it! Pencil yourself in and draw a big heart around it. That’s some YOU TIME right there. This eliminates you from getting overbooked too, you can say no to the event you don’t overly want to attend by knowing you already have a commitment to yourself. Take the time (even if it’s only an hour!) to schedule in a solo coffee date, take yourself on a walk, do a meditation, jump on your yoga mat or binge on the latest Yellowstone episode. Whatever YOU need. Taking personal responsibility for planning your needs shows strong emotional intelligence, which can help you get through ANY full season you have within life.
  4. Be mindful of your emotions. The holidays can be really intense. There are a huge range of emotions happening, lots of highs and possibly lots of lows. For many people, this is the the most stressful or difficult time of the year. Stress and joy may interchange often within your month. It’s extra important to take notice of how you are feeling so you don’t carry more than you need to. Know what your own triggers might be and if something upsets you, try to be aware of it enough not to take it into your dynamic family dinner later that day.
  5. Sleep, sleep, sleep! Something that helps with alllll of the above, is getting enough rest. The more rested you are, the easier it is to deal with things that pop up. Help yourself out even more by ensuring if you have one late night, you maybe counter-balance it with an earlier one the night after. Put your phone away, turn down the lights and chill out.

You got this! Whatever this season brings, know that it is yours to be whatever you want it to be. Create your own new family rituals, traditions and spend time with people that make you feel amazing. Enjoy intimate gatherings, cozy nights in, carve out time for self-reflection and celebrate in any way that makes your heart happy. (We love drinking our coffee out of tacky mugs).

Happy Holidays, Insurely Family!

December 5, 2022