Definition Series for the Insurance Illiterate: Peril

Definition of Peril [Per-uh l]

// exposure to or cause of a possible loss, such as bodily injury or property damage (fire, lightning, theft).

In plain English, something bad that happened.


“My dog Mr. Snuggles ate our couch. Is this an insured peril?”


If Mr. Snuggles rips through your couch or pees all over your succulents, you might be out of luck. Standard Homeowner policies might not cover any damage to your home or personal property caused by a pet, no matter how cute your fur-baby is. You should check your policy wordings or ask your insurance broker to see if Mr. Snuggles is or isn’t an insured peril. In future, Mr. Snuggles may be best suited for a room free of couches and pillows.

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November 9, 2020