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Save time and the hassle of shopping around for insurance. 
Plus get preferred rates for Deeded users.

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Answer basic questions and get a quote in 5 minutes or less
Get insured online. No calls, no faxes, no sending cheques for payments
Insurely works with Deeded to get the insurance confirmation needed for your closing

Who is Insurely?

We’re Insurely, an online digital insurance broker and we make buying online insurance fast, simple and convenient. We know that customers want to be in control of their insurance coverage, so Insurely was created because we understand that buying insurance is painful, confusing and a hassle. Our system helps customers seamlessly choose just the right coverage, within minutes. We have a first-class technology platform where customers can purchase and bind a policy without even speaking to someone. Did we mention that we’ve implemented an amazing team culture?
We’re the Disneyland of Insurance.
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