How sketchy suburbs may affect your insurance rates.

So, let’s say that the high-tech start-up you were working for has to, uh, downsize out of their fancy downtown digs due to a failed round of financing. Suddenly, the head office has been re-located way, way out to a suburban strip mall where the streets have no name, just a chain of characters like […]

Thief! Thief! That man stole my bike!

If ever there was an item that screams “steal me”, it would be your fancy road bike you just spent a pretty penny on. One minute, you’re looking over your shoulder as you run in to a gas station to buy a lottery ticket, and the next, your precious $9,000 machine is gone! You’re instantly […]

What should I do if a pipe bursts?

It has been a heck of a day. As you get ready to put your feet up and binge-watch Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. You’re so relaxed you believe you start to hear the distant sounds of a tropical waterfall. But wait…it’s the dead of winter. You spring up from your chair only to realize the […]

Definition Series for the Insurance Illiterate: Peril

Definition of Peril [Per-uh l] // exposure to or cause of a possible loss, such as bodily injury or property damage (fire, lightning, theft). In plain English, something bad that happened. EXAMPLE OF PERIL “My dog Mr. Snuggles ate our couch. Is this an insured peril?” INSURELY SAYS… If Mr. Snuggles rips through your couch […]