The Hiring Process

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Our recruitment process is fun & simple, just like us! 
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Why Culture Matters

Insurely is not your average Insurance Brokerage, or your average Company for that matter. Our service is not average (customer service is actually our JAM), and we don’t want our people to be average.
Even though our business model is very much based off of Customer Service, our #1 priority is company culture. It’s what makes us successful. Seriously, you won’t find as many Unicorns in one organization as you will at Insurely. 
We do this on purpose. We hire based on personality, communication and focus on the technical stuff after. 
We believe that if we get the culture right, then most of the other stuff — like delivering 
exceptional-amazing-outofthisworld- customer service, and building a trusted brand — will naturally happen.
Are you into personal and business development? Do you have a rock-star personality? We want you!

What we Look for

At Insurely, we aim high. For us leadership is a responsibility.  We believe in being both proficient at our roles AND to continuously seek self-improvement. Our team is always developing, learning and growing.  They build themselves in order to set directions, pave new paths and create encouragement & inspiration here at our Headquarters.  There’s a sense of purpose here. 
We offer competitive salary, a variety of benefits and a google-like work environment where you’re always supported with limitless opportunities for personal and professional development.
We are the best Insurance experience for our clients and that’s based on our ability to attract, develop and retain the best team-members. We put particular emphasis on the following qualities:
IMAGINATIVE: We look for people that think outside the box and go the extra mile. They develop creative and effective solutions.  They are curious and are always looking at ways to improve processes, products and services.
ADVENTUROUS: You are faced with a challenge? We want the people that feel that fire to work through it. People that are open to new ideas, new experiences and exploring the off-the-beaten-path avenues for problem solving or unlocking an opportunity. This quality really comes back to the continuous self development and curiousity! 
COMMUNICATION: We are a very open team and look for people that are confident and communicative. We are incredibly proud of the relationship we have with every one of our clients, and that is because we take the time to learn about them. Speak to them like we would our friends and this extends to our team members.  We look for people that demonstrate leadership by holding themselves to the highest level of kindness and professionalism. 
PROUD: We Look for people that take pride in everything that they do. This means you are reliable, responsible, rigorous, well-organized and plan ahead. You don’t half ass things personally or professionally, which makes you rock-star and irreplaceable. We want the irreplaceable.

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