Issues or questions, we’re here to help. We aren’t just an ordinary call centre. We actually hire happy people and we treat them well, therefore, they treat all of our clients well. It’s a win-win. We’re all about simplicity and we want to make buying insurance simple and fast for you because we know you don’t have time to waste. 24/7 you can reach us no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Call us at: 1-877-514-1143

Or email us at: hello@insurely.ca

About Us

We wanted to build something that made buying insurance convenient, easy and pain free. We’re rebellious spirits and know that even established industries need a little shaking up every so often, so that’s what we did. We took matters into our own hands and made it better. Whether you’re a planner or someone who does things last minute, Insurely caters to everyone, anytime. In the car, on the couch, or sitting by the pool, Insurely makes buying insurance online fast, convenient and most of all, simple.


Let’s be honest here. We hope that you NEVER have to submit a claim. It’s stressful, confusing and down right, a pain in the behind. However, if you do, you’re in good hands with Insurely and we’ll be with you throughout the entire process. We’re just good humans like that.

It’s quite simple to file a claim, at your convenience of course. Just login to your profile via the Insurely portal, answer a few simple questions about your claim and you’re off. Save time and frustration without ever having to make a phone call! Your claim will then be assigned to a Claims Representative who will keep you informed and guide you through the entire process.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always talk to a Licensed Insurance Guide if that’s how you roll. You can do so at 1-877-514-1143. May the force be with you!


Relationships are everything to us. Valuable relationships even up the ante, so if you’re interested in partnering up with us, we’d love to hear from you! We have solutions to help you, your clients or even your online followers. So if you’re a mortgage broker, property manager, social media influencer or anyone who relies on insurance to get deals done, we have a partnership program designed to help!

Send us a note to hello@insurely.ca and use “Partnership Opportunity” in the subject line.