Who we are?

We're the Disneyland of Insurance

Why? Because our customers are everything to us. We also believe that great customer service trumps anything, particularly in the industry of insurance because it's never existed before.
How we know we're different

The proof is in the culture

Insurely is changing the way Canadians think about insurance. With a deep understanding that life is ever-changing, we offer more than just policies—we provide adaptable coverage that grows with you. Backed by over 20 years of leadership experience, Insurely simplifies the process of getting comprehensive insurance quickly and without hassle.
We’re here to support your journey, offering flexible solutions that fit your unique circumstances. With Insurely, you gain peace of mind and a partner ready to protect what matters most to you, making insurance a seamless part of your life.

Happy people = great service

What do a yoga teacher, lounge singer, bootcamp instructor and fitness competitor have in common?

The customer experience (AKA your experience) is carefully curated from the inside out. We have great people, we invest in personal and professional development, we’re always 5 steps ahead within our Industry and that makes us the best. Insurance can be boring, but our business is not.

Everything works together to create the happiest workplace and incredible forward momentum to ensure you are always getting 5 star coverage and service.

Insurance you won't hate

We've got you

We've broken the mold when it comes to how people buy insurance.

Now, we want to expand our wicked, awesome, totally rad team that knocks the socks off our customers. It's a win-win.