2023 Intention and Goal Setting

We are deeply rooted in health and wellness here at #insurely. So our Wellness Team has come up with their 5 step formula for setting new Goals & Intentions this year. Take what you need from this and do it in your own time (there’s also a printable PDF here).

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We are deeply rooted in health and wellness here at #insurely. So our Wellness Team has come up with their 5 step formula for setting new Goals & Intentions this year. Take what you need from this and do it in your own time (there’s also a printable PDF here). There is no one-size-fits-all for wellness, but we do believe that this structure is a positive one to implement and start 2023 in a great way! Let’s dive in.


The Goal is the physical outcome, the intention is deeper than that. It is the ‘why’ behind the goal. Diving into the feeling of the goal as you ask yourself, “what am I creating, where is it that my passion comes from?”

The Goal & the Intention are just different variations of the same thing. However, when we set Goals we should ask ourselves what the intention is within the goal and then if we have any fears or challenges around the goal. It’s a sequential process that allows us to peel back the layers of how we create success and are able to stick to it.

Step one, Grounding: Start by grounding into your body and removing distractions. Close down through the eyes, maybe take one hand to the belly and one to the heart. Begin to check in with yourself, how are you feeling stepping into another year? How are you breathing? This is all a part of settling into your body so that we can create intentions and goals not from the surface of the mind but instead from within the body. Roll the shoulders back and settle in further.

Step two, Affirming: Affirm that you are here, right now. What is alive for you? Begin to observe your emotions (without judgement) and take a few deep breaths. Maybe something like this is new for you, that’s totally okay! Allow yourself to try something new. Start to travel beneath the surface of your thoughts. In order to set intentions and goals that are really aligned with who you are and what you want you need to be grounded and affirmed. So one more time, affirm to yourself that you are here – and maybe add in something else that you need to hear.

Step three, Journal/Write: You can do this part in an actual journal / notebook, or get a large piece of paper that you can hang up afterwards as a visual reminder. Almost like a vision board, but of your intentions and goals. This is where the PDF will come in handy if you want a guide.

Begin by writing out what your goals are, they can be big or small! Things like maybe advancing or changing jobs, starting to meditate, learning the guitar, daily movement, being more present with your family/friends, buying a home. The list could go on and on! It’s very personal to your own experience. But once you have a few ‘goals’ then move into the intentions of WHY you’ve set that goal. What are you trying to create? What do you want your life to look like? Then we travel into any fears or challenges that may come up along the way – list them out. How would you overcome them? How can you prepare for them? Lastly, create a timeframe if you would like one. Some people like to and some people don’t! The time could even say “lifetime goal or on-going”, or maybe its a 3 month – 6 month or year long goal.

Step four, Reflect: Now look at what you’ve written and take a little time to reflect on what’s come up for you. Did you expect everything you wrote down? Are you challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone? Have you gone into enough detail to make it happen? Do you fully know your why (your intention).

Step five, Visualize: They say it takes 20 days to create a new habit, however there are studies that show it can take up to 250 days! So make sure you’ve really set yourself and your dreams up for success. Ask yourself ‘How do I want to feel, what will my life look like a year from now?’ Really start to visualize the qualities and traits of how you aspire to feel. It’s such an empowering thought to know that we are completely in control of how our life turns out, so visualize the most beautiful one that you can. Whatever that looks like to you!

Thanks so much for being a part of the #insurelyfamily and for taking time for yourself today but setting your Intentions and Goals! Happy New Year!

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